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Walking the Tightrope is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of Jesus’s truth and love. I hope that you find some encouragement while you’re here 🙂

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30-Day Prayer Challenge: Day 8

Good morning everyone. Isn’t it crazy how one day you’re feeling fine, and the next day you’re feeling like you might fall off the side of a mountain? I felt that waking up this morning. Nothing’s wrong necessarily, but I’m in a bit of a sour mood. I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong. Have you every… Continue Reading →

30-Day Prayer Challenge: Day 7

We made it a full seven days! How amazing is that? I’ve got to tell you, we are only 7 days in and it has already been such a blessing to do this alongside you all. God is working through us and that gives me so much joy. In church today, we talked about how… Continue Reading →

30-Day Prayer Challenge: Day 6

Saturday is finally here! I always get excited waking up on Saturdays because the work week is behind me and my family, for the most part, is home. Saturday is like the start of rest; I begin to wind down and prepare for Sunday, taking some extra time to breathe and slow down. The weekdays… Continue Reading →

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